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If you invest $100/mth, in 30 years, you could earn $99,000 of interest and have your account valued at $136,000.

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Start investing today, and earn hundreds of thousands over time.

It is not magic, it is called compound interest.

You don’t have to choose between making a positive impact and seeking competitive market returns. We screen out companies that don’t meet the criteria for our focus areas, such as greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste and animal cruelty.

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Create good financial habits by automating your investment process so you can reach your goals faster.


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Always have a clear overview for your portfolio performance.


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Why investing in the share market?

We believe in empowering you to be financially independant, or to put it simply to be able to live off your assets without actively working.

We think shares is a great way to generate returns without hassle. And particularly Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) – as they are passively managed (you don’t need to do much).

They are simple to understand: instead of buying shares in a specific company, you own, for example, a share in 300 businesses in Australia.

ETFs are an excellent choice for very good reason:

What is ethical investment?

We offer easy integration of fund investment, right in our mobile app, within your bank account.

We provide a selection of investment funds that hold 100’s of different international companies shares. (it’s called ETF and it enables people to invest in the share market at a reduced risk and stress).

The selection of those funds will meet our ethical guidelines described above. It won’t be necessarily companies where the business is to make the world more sustainable but companies with governance and operations that try to do the right thing.

We don’t manage those funds but partner with large fund manager who have experience and expertise in doing this. We simply integrate this with our banking experience.

Our values: transparent, engaged, community minded

Yes, we finance

We do invest

We invest money to projects that explicitly help the environment and communities: local production, waste management, renewable energy, low-CO2 transports etc.

We promote investment in ethical index funds (ETF) only. All issuers must pass a strict ESG screening process, and at least 50% of the index will fund projects that prevent or reduce pollution, improve the sustainable use of natural resources, or help in the transition to non-fossil fuel-based technologies.

No, We don't finance

We don't invest

We reject fossil fuels, animal cruelty or exploitation, intensive agriculture or farming, tobacco, gambling, armaments, uranium and nuclear energy, destruction of valuable environments, chemicals of concern, human rights and supply chain concerns.

Our Mission

Contributing to a more sustainable world while helping you grow your money.

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