We need your help to create a better bank

We are on a mission to build a purpose-driven (not profit-driven) money app that helps people grow their money while following strong environmental values.

Manyana was created by people who care about the world, and know there is a better way to manage your money than what current banks are offering.

We invite you to become a partner in this journey.

Why do we need a new way to bank?

The money sitting in your bank accounts is far more impactful than your everyday eco-friendly actions. On average, 40% of your carbon footprint comes from your bank. If we want to fight climate change and leave a living world to our children we need to act now.

Graph showing we need to act now or we are going on a +3degree in 2100

With Manyana, your money will make a difference to help sustainable business take off.

Join us, to be part of the journey and be able to:

Our purpose

We want to make a positive impact on people and the planet through finance.

Sustainable, simple, safe, lasting, transparent is part of our DNA. We consider those values in every decision that we make.

How are we going to do this?

We are currently in development and will leverage a Banking as a Service model. We will not initially apply for an Authorise Deposit-taking Institution licence (ADI), rather partner with an existing eco-friendly licensed Australian institution.

Founding Team

Marc Decerle, Founder

Marc is an experienced fintech product designer and entrepreneur. The day he understood the problem we're facing with global warming and the role the finance had, he started the Manyana adventure.

Peter Makris, Advisor

Peter contributed to building Xinja Bank from concept to scale and has a proven track record in highly complex and regulated markets.

We are always looking for partners in our quest. If you want to be part of the journey, contact us.

Our Project

We are at the inception stage and by adding your email, you’ll be giving us your support to make Manyana happen.

To be frank, even if we do not take off here, maybe other banks will get inspired and start doing something good for the planet with your money. And that would be a win.

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The more interest we get, the more there will be a chance for a change.

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