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$19M/day are lent to fossil fuel industries by Australian banks. Put your money where your values are. Join us today.

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Turn every transaction into positive action

Know that your deposits won't fund fossil fuel projects like pipelines, oil drilling and coal mines.


Reforest when spending

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We work with Australian reforestation partners and plant trees when you use our card.



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Get rebates from our eco-friendly partners and receive cashback directly in your account.


Ethical investing

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Invest in profitable yet sustainable companies to build your wealth without concessions. More info

Comes with 3 types of accounts

The start of your financial wellness journey.

Every dollar you have in your bank has an impact

Most traditional banks invest your money to finance polluting industries such as coal, petrol and gas. So without your consent, you indirectly contribute to a large amount of CO2 emission.

How much has your current bank loaned to the fossil fuel industry since 2016?






We support only the industries of tomorrow

With Manaya, it is different. Your money will only be used to finance companies that actively contribute to making the world better.

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The only way to reduce global emissions by 2050 is to invest in the right industries.

We guarantee to invest only in ethical eco-friendly projects.

With us, your money will be used to create a better world.

You will be able to have a say in the projects we’ll invest in. We want to build this together with you.

Our values: transparent, engaged, community minded

Yes, we finance

We do invest

We invest money to projects that explicitly help the environment and communities: local production, waste management, renewable energy, low-CO2 transports etc.

We promote investment in ethical index funds (ETF) only. All issuers must pass a strict ESG screening process, and at least 50% of the index will fund projects that prevent or reduce pollution, improve the sustainable use of natural resources, or help in the transition to non-fossil fuel-based technologies.

No, We don't finance

We don't invest

We reject fossil fuels, animal cruelty or exploitation, intensive agriculture or farming, tobacco, gambling, armaments, uranium and nuclear energy, destruction of valuable environments, chemicals of concern, human rights and supply chain concerns.

How does sustainable banking work?

Today, many companies are trying to make the world a better place while reaching for profitability. Those companies need to be financed.

We lend money to projects that explicitly help the environment: local production, waste management, renewable energy, low-CO2 transports etc.

Therefore, by using our bank, you contribute to make Australia a competitive actor ready for the new green economy.

Our Mission

Contributing to a more sustainable world while helping you grow your money.

This project is at the inception stage and by adding your email, you’ll be giving us your support to make Manyana happen.

Register your interest and share Manyana with your friends & family. The more interest we get, the more there will be a chance for a change.

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Bank-level security

We know safety and security are of major importance, and so as we enter this market we will be partnering with an established sustainable institution under the official banking licence which means your money will be safe and have the same safeguards that all of the big Australian Banks offer.

We won’t sell or share your personal data with third parties.

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